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When He Says…I Really Like You!

When a guy confesses his feelings, it can be one of the most flattering moments for a girl, or one of the most traumatic. How should we respond when we just don’t feel the same way? DORY KHOO tells us how.

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Spotlight: Chan See Ting’s Story On Life With Alopecia

Imagine waking up one day and realising that soon, your life is going to change. You are going to be diagnosed with alopecia. Physical losses are transient and eternity is what matters — that’s what See Ting’s story speaks volumes of.

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“Can You Cover Up?” What My Boyfriend Said On Our Date

Tanktops or spacesuits? No idea what we’re talking about? Read on to find out! LANG and EVELYN TIEN open up about the awkward conversation that jumpstarted their journey with modesty.

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What Korean Dramas Taught Me About Love

Korean dramas make us swoon and smile, but their effects may not be as innocent as we think. DOROTHEA WONG reflects on what K-dramas have taught her about love.

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#MeToo: I Was Molested By My Uncles

Molested by her uncles before she was a teen, NOELLE WEE found herself spiralling into guilt, shame, and sexual sin. Today, she tells of how God restored her and met her in her despair.

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My (Last) First Kiss Was At The Altar

Is there a second chance after crossing physical boundaries in a relationship? SEAN and JESSIE KONG share their experience of falling, getting up again, and making their way to their last “first kiss” at the wedding altar.