Purity · Relationships

Is Kissing Okay? What To Do When You’re Tempted To Touch

No sex before marriage — the mantra of all Christian couples. But is that all there is to physical boundaries? In Part I of this series on boundaries in relationships, QUEK SHI YUN suggests a different view.

Purity · Relationships

“Can You Cover Up?” What My Boyfriend Said On Our Date

Tanktops or spacesuits? No idea what we’re talking about? Read on to find out! LANG and EVELYN TIEN open up about the awkward conversation that jumpstarted their journey with modesty.

Purity · Wisdom

What Clubbing Taught Me About Purity

Wait what? Can clubbing teach us anything about purity? Turns out it can. ISABEL PHUA tells all.

Holiness · Purity · Restoration

What’s Wrong With Watching Porn?

Is pornography really a problem? KALLOS talks with Josh McDowell to uncover the truth about how porn damages both us and our relationships.

Holiness · Purity · Relationships

“Have We Gone Too Far?” Talking Boundaries With Your Boyfriend

How to talk to your boyfriend about physical intimacy: It’s never easy to initiate an awkward conversation, but we are certain that this is one you’ll want to have. QUEK SHI YUN dishes on how to have “the talk” on physical intimacy.

Purity · Restoration · Sexuality

Trigger Warning: Fighting Off Porn During Covid-19

There has been a spike in pornography viewership during Covid-19 with ample time at home. What are some ways to combat this? EUNICE SNG interviews Jessica Harris to find out how we can gain this hope and freedom over struggles with pornography.