Inspiration · Social Justice

Spotlight: Mercy Ho – Embracing Streetwalkers

Whilst streetwalkers may be viewed by others with disdain, Mercy Ho embraces them with the love of God through Tamar Village, a ministry dedicated to bringing hope and comfort to streetwalkers. DOROTHEA WONG meets her for a chat.

Identity · Inspiration

Spotlight: Hannah Lee – Warrior With A Princess Heart

National Discus Thrower. Worship Leader. Student. Hannah Lee wears many hats in her life, but what’s her true identity? QUEK SHI YUN finds out.

Inspiration · Love · Relationships · Restoration

Spotlight: Chan See Ting’s Story On Life With Alopecia

Imagine waking up one day and realising that soon, your life is going to change. You are going to be diagnosed with alopecia. Physical losses are transient and eternity is what matters — that’s what See Ting’s story speaks volumes of.

Faith · Inspiration · Missions

Spotlight: Jemima Ooi’s Story On Missions In The Congo

Many of us are inspired by exotic stories from the mission field, but few actually go. DOROTHEA WONG interviews one missionary who has dedicated her life to bringing the gospel to unreached places.

Faith · Inspiration

Hanging By A Thread: Sarah Lyn’s Journey From Life To Death

When Sarah Lyn was found accidentally hanging from a clothesline by her neck, she was expected to be brain-damaged at best, and dead at the worst. Miraculously, neither happened. QUEK SHI YUN finds out how the miracle of her being brought back to life fully has shaped her life and her faith.

Faith · Inspiration · Relationships

Covid-19 Crashed My Wedding! Isabel Phua Shares Her Story

Do you have a dream wedding? How would you respond if your guest list had to be shortened from 800 to ten people, one and a half weeks before your wedding day? QUEK SHI WEI catches up with Isabel, former Kallos editorial team member and founder of Migrant X Me, on her journey to marriage and the lessons she has gleaned along the way.