Identity · Studies

You Are Not Your Grades! What Is Your True Identity?

What do you do when you don’t make it to your dream school? DOROTHEA WONG shares her struggles with failure and finding her identity in Christ.

Identity · Media

What Instagram Taught Me About Beauty

Do you find yourself hit by jealousy and self-esteem issues whenever you log onto Instagram? Join the club. ISABEL PHUA shares the lessons she’s learnt from Instagram about beauty.

Family · Identity · Restoration

Meeting My Father After 10 Years Apart

Imagine not seeing your father for almost 10 years. What would you do if he reached out to you out of the blue? NICOLE INEZ SHO reveals the lessons she’s learnt from reconnecting with her father.


The Dark Side Of Beauty Pageants

Turns out, it may be more than you think. ELIZABETH LEE dishes the dirt.

Holiness · Identity

Dear Kallos: Will God Forgive Me If I Keep Sinning?

Being stuck in the cycle of sin and not being able to get out is not a pleasant experience, but you are not alone!

Forgiveness · Identity

Dear Kallos: I Often Feel That I Don’t Measure Up To Others — I Never Feel Good Enough

Feel like you’re stuck in the relentless rat race of comparison? You’re not alone.