To All the Friends I’ve Loved Before

We’ve all been through it — that dreaded moment when you see a friend slipping away from you before your eyes. DOROTHEA WONG opens up about how she’s dealt with the friends she’s loved and lost.


What #Squadgoals Taught Me About Friendship

The hashtag #squadgoals is everywhere on social media, putting forward the perfect image of friendship and causing envy everywhere. NATALIE HANNA TAN shares her thoughts on what she’s learnt about true friendship as a result of this trend.


Beyond The Clique

Cliques can be a good or bad thing — depending on which side of the clique we are on. NATALIE HANNA TAN explains why we need to go beyond cliques and toward loving beyond our walls.


Staying Joyful In Transition

Change is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean we have to dread it. DOROTHEA WONG tells us how we can stay afloat even when everything feels uncertain.

Faith · Friendships · Love · Relationships

How To Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure doesn’t seem to go away even when we get older — it just seems to change and grow as we do. EUNICE SNG explores the challenges of resisting peer pressure and the truths to hold on to against the call to compromise.

Friendships · Purity · Sexuality

Dear Kallos: When God Created Sex, Did He Include BDSM?

Secular movies now include BDSM as part of sexual intimacy. Was this God’s intention when He created sex?