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Who Did It Better?

One of the things that HANNAH LEUNG battled in her relationship with her twin sister was jealousy. How do you become unjealous of someone?

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#MeToo: I Was Molested By My Uncles

Molested by her uncles before she was a teen, NOELLE WEE found herself spiralling into guilt, shame, and sexual sin. Today, she tells of how God restored her and met her in her despair.

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Spotlight: Willa Jin’s Story On Redesigning The Bible For A Visual Generation

What does it take to be the Operations Director of a start-up company with an international presence? DOROTHEA WONG dives deep with Willa to find out.

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Dear Kallos: I Know That I Can Turn To God But Sometimes It Seems That He Isn’t There

When you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan, when you can’t trace His hand, will you trust His heart?


Confessions Of A Mum

As a teenager, JASMINE SONG did not fully appreciate her mother’s love. She shares the lessons she’s learnt now that she is a mum herself.

family · relationships · restoration

Loving God With Your Mind

Can we say we love God if we don’t know Him? HANNAH LEUNG does some soul-searching to answer this question.