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Dig Deeper: How Grey Are Grey Areas?

In the previous issue, we talked about why rules are given to us to enable us to live a life of freedom. However, when the Bible does not explicitly discuss certain lifestyles or behaviours, how do we decide if something is right or wrong? HANNAH LEUNG considers two perspectives to take when we are stuck at the crossroads of decision-making.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Is Abortion Always Wrong?

Let’s be clear; abortion is a complex issue. The circumstances surrounding abortion are manifold and sometimes we are led to wonder: Is abortion always a sin? KALLOS provides some perspectives to consider when thinking about the abortion debate.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Are All Gods The Same?

Have you ever wondered why Christians want others to believe in their God? Why can’t they be more accepting of other religions? Aren’t they all essentially the same? KIM EUN HEE answers these questions.

Apologetics · Relationships · Wisdom

Dig Deeper: What’s Wrong With Dating a Non-Christian?

You’ve often heard that love conquers all. If so, then what’s wrong with dating anyone you love, even if he is a non-Christian? RILEY SEWELL explores four challenges in dating a non-Christian.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: If There Is Evidence That Jesus Rose From The Dead, Why Are People Still Not Convinced?

There is strong historical evidence of Jesus’ existence and resurrection. So, why are there still people who find it difficult to believe in Him? NATHALIE ZANI explores this question.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Why Did God Allow Covid-19 To Happen?

Covid-19 has plagued the world, unleashing untold suffering and stories of death, bankruptcy and chaos. How can God allow this worldwide suffering to happen? Join RILEY SEWELL as she tackles this complex question