Issue 39

May - June 2020

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on societies and disrupted our lives – most of us are now at home and Zoom has become our lifeline to the outside world. Find some answers in our article Why did God allow Covid-19 to Happen? Discover ways to love your family in this stressful situation and read our reply to a reader who feels like she’s losing her community. We also interview Sarah Lyn, who was nearly dead at four but miraculously came back to life, and our Kallos team member Dorothea who was tested positive for the virus. All these and more in our latest issue!

In This Issue

Love · Relationships

What’s Covid-19 Got To Do With Love?

Just three months into marriage and life abroad, DOROTHEA WONG and her husband found themselves tested positive for Covid-19. Sometimes it takes a pandemic to glean new truths on wedding vows and love.

Courage · Mental Health

Surviving My Mental Health Struggle For 7 Years

What if you have been struggling with mental heath issues for a prolonged period? What would you do? How do you fight this battle?

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Why Did God Allow Covid-19 To Happen?

Covid-19 has plagued the world, unleashing untold suffering and stories of death, bankruptcy and chaos. How can God allow this worldwide suffering to happen? Join RILEY SEWELL as she tackles this complex question

Family · Love

Three Ways To Love Your Family Through Covid-19

Frustrated at being at home all the time? Starting to feel annoyed with your family members? You are not alone! ELIZABETH LEE shares tips on how to manage the tension at home and three ways to love your family through Covid-19.

Challenge · Family

Take The Mum Challenge

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be your mum? EMMA CHAN takes on the challenge of taking over her mom’s duties and recounts her experience.

Beauty · Identity

What If God Made Me Pretty?

Perhaps when you look into the mirror everyday, you question the way God made you and wonder what it would be like if He made you pretty instead.

Faith · Friendships

Dear Kallos: Covid-19 Is Causing My Friendships With My Cell Mates To Deteriorate

Covid-19 has definitely changed the way church is now. What do you do when it feels harder to spend time with God and friendships with cell mates seem to deteriorate?

Prayer · World

Skin Bleaching In The Philippines

Otherwise known as ‘skin lightening’ or ‘whitening’, this procedure has insurmountable side e ects, and can cause deadly results. Yet to many, the possibly painful consequences are ignored in the pursuit of “beauty”.