Issue 35

September - October 2019

Where is God and hope in the midst of pain and suffering? Has He left me to fend for myself? In this issue, we hear from See Ting about her struggles with alopecia (leading to unexpected hair loss) and triple negative breast cancer. We also speak to four ladies about their seemingly hopeless family situations involving divorce, a sibling with special needs, illness and persecution. Our editor shares about finding hope in the midst of a difficult time. We wrestle with the question – is abortion always wrong?

Lastly, what does it mean to stay sexually pure when you’re in a relationship? Read on to find out more!

In This Issue

Faith · Restoration

Dare To Hope Again

What light is there at the end of the tunnel when you’re going through a dark time or what feels like an endless trial? QUEK SHI YUN finds reason to hope again in the midst of a dark time.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Is Abortion Always Wrong?

Let’s be clear; abortion is a complex issue. The circumstances surrounding abortion are manifold and sometimes we are led to wonder: Is abortion always a sin? KALLOS provides some perspectives to consider when thinking about the abortion debate.

Love · Sexuality

Love & Sexuality: What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Pure?

The truth is that sexual purity is not simply tied to a particular behaviour or action — purity the way Jesus talks about goes beyond that. It is all about the heart!

Challenge · Prayer

Take The Prayer Challenge

Have you struggled to make prayer a daily habit? You’re not alone! KALLOS challenges one reader to persevere in prayer for this two-week challenge.

Forgiveness · Friendships

Dear Kallos: I Feel Like I Am Losing A Really Good Friend Who Doesn’t Value Me Anymore

One moment you are good friends and the next moment, your friend seems to behave quite the opposite. What do you do when your friend might want some space.

Prayer · World

The #NunsToo Movement

When you think of the #MeToo movement, you’re unlikely to think about nuns. But in the wake of #MeToo, nuns all over the world are now sharing their experiences of rape, sexual harassment, and even forced abortions in the Catholic Church. KALLOS looks into the #NunsToo movement.