Issue 33

May - June 2019

Feeling depressed? Wondering if mental health issues are spiritual? If you are struggling with a mental illness, or know a friend who is, this issue of Kallos is for you.

We hear from Faith Pang who battled depression and how she found healing. Joy Shen bravely talks about her struggle with an eating disorder and our devotional provides tips on how to walk with friends who are facing difficult times. We also interview Leeland (the band with 4 Grammy nominations!) to find out what inspires his songwriting; and ask 4 brave women to share their deepest insecurities. Finally, hear our thoughts to the question “How do I know if he’s the one” in our ‘Ask Anything column!

In This Issue

Mental Health · Restoration

Spotlight: Facing Depression, Death, And Despair – Faith Pang’s Story Of Hope

Imagine losing your father at 15 and losing the rights to two songs you wrote in memory of him. Faith Pang shares her journey with DOROTHEA WONG about how God brought her through the darkest valleys to a place where she is convicted to be a light for Him through songwriting.

Holiness · Purity · Relationships

“Have We Gone Too Far?” Talking Boundaries With Your Boyfriend

How to talk to your boyfriend about physical intimacy: It’s never easy to initiate an awkward conversation, but we are certain that this is one you’ll want to have. QUEK SHI YUN dishes on how to have “the talk” on physical intimacy.

Love · Sexuality

Love & Sexuality: How Do You Know If A Guy Is “The One” God Has Given You?

The truth is that there isn’t just that “one” guy for you who, if missed, would make anyone else a wrong choice.

Challenge · Family

The Dinner With Dad Challenge

We can get so caught up in our daily list of to-dos’ that we tend to overlook time with our family. KALLOS challenges our intern Sarah Han to spend two evenings of unhurried time with her dad to intentionally get to know him again!

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: How Can A Loving God Send Anyone To Hell?

When we think of a loving God, what do we think of?

Devotionals · Friendships

Carry Each Other’s Burdens

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Prayer · World

Sex Trafficking in Singapore

Your neighbour told you about a job opportunity as a waitress in Singapore that would greatly help your impoverished family. You pack your bags and leave everything you know, only to discover upon arrival that the job was a scam — you’ve been brought here to be a sex worker. This is what some women face in Singapore.