Issue 23

September - October 2017

Do you like watching make up tutorials? Have you ever wondered what true beauty looks like? In this issue, we talk about make up, the dark side of beauty pageants, whether plastic surgery is wrong and spoke to SEA Games Medallist Hannah Lee who hated her body. Enjoy!

In This Issue


The Dark Side Of Beauty Pageants

Turns out, it may be more than you think. ELIZABETH LEE dishes the dirt.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: How Grey Are Grey Areas?

In the previous issue, we talked about why rules are given to us to enable us to live a life of freedom. However, when the Bible does not explicitly discuss certain lifestyles or behaviours, how do we decide if something is right or wrong? HANNAH LEUNG considers two perspectives to take when we are stuck at the crossroads of decision-making.


Dear Kallos: What’s Wrong With Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery seems to be a norm in other parts of the world. So, is there anything wrong with it?

Challenge · Prayer

Take The Twenty-One Days Of Prayer Challenge

How often do we pray for the salvation of those we love? KALLOS challenged one reader to do it for 21 days!