Issue 17

September - October 2016

Are women meant to be strong or subservient? We explore the heart of femininity, what it means to be a woman created by God and how to love Him extravagantly! We also seek to discover who the author of the Bible is and why we can trust it. Lastly, are cliques good or bad? Read on to find out more!

In This Issue

Inspiration · Restoration · Sexuality

Spotlight: Jaime Wong – The Transformed Tennis Champ

A tennis champ at the age of 12, Jaime Wong is no stranger to success. Yet she considers all her wins as loss when compared to the riches of Christ. DOROTHEA WONG finds out about her story.


Strong Or Subservient? Understanding God’s Design For Women

Are we meant to be stubborn and individualistic, or soft and subservient? KALLOS talks about how to strike a healthy balance.

Apologetics · Faith

Dig Deeper: Who Wrote The Bible? Can I Trust It?

Imagine having to explain what the ocean is to an ant. You would have to use the ant’s experiences with drops of water to help the ant understand what an ocean is. Well, we are like ants and the Bible is how God chooses to communicate to us His divine thoughts.

Devotionals · Identity

The Courage To Love Extravagantly

Have you ever wondered what it means to embody ‘femininity’?

Challenge · Creation care · Sustainability

Take The No-Disposables Challenge

Have you ever tried not using any disposable items for a week? Kallos challenges a reader to do so!



Have you ever wondered how it was like to be Rahab?