Issue 16

July - August 2016

Our freshly revamped issue comes with new features like recommendations of books and music from the Kallos team, an article on how we can trust that the bible is real and a devotional column on spending quality time with God. We also look at how to respond when a guy confesses his love, dieting the healthy way and a guide to surviving 3 weeks without social media.

In This Issue


Dare To Say Yes

When God prompts us to do something that’s out of our comfort zone, it isn’t easy to obey. ROXANE NG tells us about the reward of obedience.


Spotlight: Geraldine Ong – Stepping Out In Faith

No one expected Geraldine Ong to become a cafe manager at the age 21. However, when God called, she took a leap of faith to obey Him. DOROTHEA WONG sat down for a chat with her.

Challenge · Media

I Survived 3 Weeks Without Social Media


Use our five simple challenge rules and grab a buddy to keep you accountable.


Women Of Judges

It’s so unsettling living as a woman in my country. Our leaders’ failure to fear God and obey Him has greatly affected our entire nation, and since we women rely on the men for security, we are especially vulnerable. What will become of us?


Refreshed – My Date With God

Are you weary or heavy-laden? Perhaps it’s time to press pause on your busy schedules for some quality time with God.

Prayer · World

Victims Of Human Trafficking

Fact: Every 45 minutes, a girl is trafficked from Nepal to India. While the ways of trafficking may differ, most end up with the same heart-wrenching outcomes that have been accepted as a reality in Nepal.